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Curbside Garbage Can Cleaning

Citrus fresh, sparkling clean bins are just a click away.  Let our team of professional technicians take care of this nasty chore for you.

Curbside Garbage Can Cleaning

Citrus fresh, sparkling clean bins are just a click away.  Let our team of professional technicians take care of this nasty chore for you.


3,500psi sprayer blasts away nasty grime


200° water eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses


Our signature citrus spray leaves your bins better than new

About Us

Trash Bin Cleaning as a service has been growing in Europe for over 30 years, and in the US for over 10 years. After identifying a local need to show our neighbors and communities just how nice it is to have fresh & clean bins, North Shore Bin Cleaners began transforming bins for clients in 2021.
Today, with thousands of recurring and one-time customers across Chicago’s North Shore, Western Suburbs, and Southeast Wisconsin, we are continuing to educate new customers about the service, and the many benefits to having professionally cleaned bins.

Our Services



One-time or recurring plans to keep your bins clean and your family healthy.



Contract work for homeowners associations, villages, and cities to enjoy bulk pricing.



Businesses, waste-haulers, special events, Stadiums & facilities, park districts, and more!


The North Shore Bin Cleaners Advantage


We use up to 8x less water than cleaning your bins yourself with a garden hose.  Additionally, all wastewater we collect from cleaning the inside of your bin is properly disposed of through wastewater treatment facilities.

No harsh chemicals.


Choose the right plan for your household's needs. Monthly, quarterly, or one-time options are available.

Going to be out of town?  Shoot us a text and we'll push your cleaning out to the next available date in your neighborhood.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not satisfied with the outcome? We'll fix it or give you your money back.  Guaranteed.

But with over 300 5-star reviews on Google, we doubt that will happen.

Our Plans

Choose the right service for your needs...


$ 20
  • Steam-clean
  • sanitize
  • citrus spray deodorizer
  • towel dry
  • Service every 4 weeks
  • Additional bins only $13/ea


$ 40
  • Steam-clean
  • sanitize
  • citrus spray deodorizer
  • towel dry
  • Service Every 12 Week
  • Additional bins only $13/ea
Most popular


$ 70
  • Steam-clean
  • sanitize
  • citrus spray deodorizer
  • towel dry
  • One-time service
  • Additional bins only $13/ea
Can't I clean my own bins with a hose and bleach?

Hose cleaning, on average, uses 8x more water than our system.  In addition, cold water does not effectively rid your bins of odors and bacteria.  Also, the dirty water is not eco-friendly (into your yard, driveway, storm sewer, Lake Michigan…)
By using high pressure and high temp water (190F), we eliminate 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria from your bins.  We recover our dirty water and properly dispose of it through the waste water treatment facility.

Do I need to be home for the service?

Nope! Just make sure your empty cans are left outside the day after your garbage collection.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

No you do not; simply choose our “One-Time Service” option and there is no continuing obligation.  But we think you’ll be back 🙂

Can I buy a service or plan for someone else?

Yes!  It is a great gift idea for anyone.  Just make sure to enter their information in our job request form, and note that it is a gift.

What if I am out of town and can't put my bins out to be serviced?
  • Just email or text us in advance and we will schedule an alternate date for cleaning.  If you forget, no problem!  Just hit us up when you return.

Frequently Asked Questions


See What Our Satisfied Customers Say

Don’t take our word for it.  See our 300+ 5-Star Revews on Google

We highly recommend this service. the gentleman that performs the service is professional and courteous. He ensures the containers are spotless

Jordan Kurtaz Glenview, IL

The service provided by North Shore Bin Cleaners is awesome. We currently have them come out once a month as this is the only time the are in our area. Would love to have their service weekly in summer and bi-weekly throughout the rest of the year. It is great not having to wash out the garbage cans anymore. Once the are cleaned by North Shore Bin Cleaners they look like they are brand new

Angelo Nikkolov Pleasant Prairie, WI

North Shore Bin Cleaners does a great job. I had a miserable maggot infestation caused by a neighborhood raccoon getting into our trash. After cleaning it up a bit I decided to contact North Shore Bin Cleaners to give them a wash out. They have one time or recurring options. I choose to have quarterly service to keep my trash bins in good shape. Would recommend if you have insects or rodent issues around your trash.

Joe Jemison Barrington, IL
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